West Orange High School Quarterback Club


The West Orange High School Football Quarterback Club is the booster club for ALL teams (Varsity, JV and Freshmen).  The purpose is to support the football players and coaches, to fundraise accordingly for any equipment, gear, awards, pre-game meals and support not covered by school funds.  We encourage all parents to get involved one way or another.  If you are unable to commit time, then please consider donations or finding a business that can help sponsor the team (either with donation, sponsorship or a pre-game meal for the players – we are open to all options).

Stephanie Gutierrez Torok 
Lori Wright 
Kelly Price 
Fundraising Chair
Terri DeFranco 
Concessions Chair
Joe DeFranco 
Tunnel Committee
Rob Garman 
Vice President
Nathalie Samuels 
Vikki Rogers 
Volunteer Chair
Leslie Luciew 
Pre-Game Meals Chair
Stevi McKelvain 
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